Explore: Portage la Prairie’s Island Park

Portage la Prairie is a quick and easy, perfect day trip from Winnipeg! In this post we’ll highlight Island Park as a destination point.

Located approximately 70 km East of Winnipeg on Highway 1, Island Park in Portage la Prairie is a very easy destination to get to. Simply head West on Trans-Canada Hwy 1, take the MB-240 exit into Portage la Prairie and continue on that until you see the bridge to get over on to the island (Royal Rd).

map to plp

Why Island Park is a day trip in itself:

In addition to the above listed amenities, there is also a disc golf course, tennis courts, Stride Place (2 arenas, walking track, the aquatic centre, fitness centre, etc), fairgrounds and camping area, ponds and lots of areas to walk, run and explore.


  • close enough for a quick trip from Winnipeg! Go for a few hours, a full day, or make a weekend of it!
  • Lots of great spaces to have a picnic lunch
  • Good variety of restaurants close by
  • Paved walking trails



Sharing our passion of exploring the 204 (Manitoba, Canada) From scenic hikes, to small town day trips, to places to grub. Not only will we be explaining how to get there, we'll share personal experiences too! P.S : Most of these exciting and delicious experiences are in rural Manitoba. Enjoy.

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