Explore: Spruce Woods area

Located approximately 2 hours West of Winnipeg (via Trans-Canada 1, or MB-2 W), this is a destination that you want to allot a full day (or even a weekend) to.

map to SW

There are many, many trails and areas to explore in the area, but here are a few of our recommendations for your visit:

  • Think seriously about camping at Kiche Manitou. It is a beautiful campground with huge private camping spots, great yurts, lots of trails, canoe and paddleboat rentals, a beach, mini golf, etc. (Just keep an eye out for the poison ivy)
  • Marsh’s Lake trail. We loved this short little walk! We saw turtles along the water’s edge, and felt like we were walking through an enchanted forest in the forested section.
  • Hike the sand dunes of Spirit Sands, but don’t forget your water bottle!
  • Continue on from your Spirit Sands hike to Devil’s Punch Bowl. Be prepared to be surprised at the rapidly changing terrain. You will go from walking through a desert to walking through what feels like alpine meadows, to forested areas. (These two hikes can be done separately)
  • Take a side trip to Glenboro to visit Sara the Camel
  • Go golfing in Glenboro.

The different trail systems are all very well marked and easy to find. As you drive South on #5 from Carberry and enter Spruce Woods Provincial Park, you will notice quite a few different signs to different trails. We suggest exploring several of them, but definitely recommend the Spirit Sands, Devils’ Punch Bowl, and Marsh’s Lake ones.

Views from the trail leading to Spirit Sands:

Some of the sand dunes in Spirit Sands (note that these pics make them look tiny compared to what they are really like!):

Devil’s Punch Bowl (the stairs are close to, but not across Devil’s Punch Bowl itself):

Sara the Camel in Glenboro! (If you’re going to go to Manitoba’s desert, you HAVE to go and see a Camel too!)


Marsh’s Lake Trail:


We hope that you have as much fun exploring this beautiful area of Manitoba as we did! We can’t wait to go back to the area for some more adventures!


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