Eat: Jennifer’s Picnic

Exotic Appetizers?

Hungarian Goulash?

Frog’s Legs and Camel Kabobs? Alligator Grilled Cheese?

This isn’t your typical food truck, and it’s definitely not what you’d expect to find in a little town in rural Manitoba, but that’s exactly where you’ll find it, and the food is fabulous.

The Jennifer’s Picnic food truck is located in Seven Sisters Falls, Manitoba, about 100 km from downtown Winnipeg. It’s easy to find and worth the drive. There are picnic tables set up there to eat at, but you can also get the food to go and take it down to Whitemouth Falls Provincial Park to eat at one of the picnic tables there (and then enjoy the scenery or a hike, or fishing, or pelican watching, or…).

Their hours are:
Open May Long weekend til Sept Long Weekend, 7 days a week, 11am-8pm.

map seven

PS – there are also burgers and chicken and stuff like that on the menu, and they are just as delicious as well. (We were brave today and tried the camel burger, which is pictured below!)





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