Explore: Whitemouth Falls Provincial Park

Located in Seven Sisters, this is a location that is easy to find and also conveniently located very close to Jennifer’s Picnic (tip: grab some food there or at another restaurant in town to take on a picnic with you!) It is located approximately 100 kms from downtown Winnipeg, so this is a very doable half-day trip if you’re looking for a short adventure or would like to include it as part of a full day of exploring the surrounding area.

map to whitemouthfalls

There is a beautiful 5km trail (Seven Sisters Falls Trails) that is great for cycling or hiking, and cross country skiing in the winter (sshhh… we’re not really thinking about winter right now!)

We’re not sure if this sign means that you must watch out for low hanging branches while X-Country skiing, or if it is alerting you to the possible presence of Manitoba’s version of the headless horseman 😉


There are lovely picnic areas, public washrooms, large flat rocks to sit on and relax while listening to the rushing water, and even some pelicans hanging around. It’s a very peaceful and relaxing place to visit and spend a few hours, or just drop by for a picnic lunch.

Tip: Continue on the 307 to get to Nutimik Lake and beyond. If you stay on it, it will take you on a very scenic road trip that will eventually meet up with hwy 44 by the Alfred Hole Goose Sanctuary where you can then head West again back towards Winnipeg. This round trip road trip would take approximately 4 hours, not including stopping, hiking, picnicking and exploring time. It is a beautiful one to do though!





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