Play: Body surfing at Old Pinawa Dam

Old Pinawa Dam is a great summer destination. It’s beautiful, there are trails to hike, there are picnic spots to picnic in, you can canoe, hike or bike ride there from Pinawa, and there are some fantastic photography opportunities too. We’ll be talking more about some of these in an upcoming post . At this beautiful Provincial Heritage Park destination there is also a natural area that is popular for body surfing for those who decide to brave it. (Please wear a lifejacket to be safer as there are fast moving currents/water at this location)


If you’re going for the first time, we recommend going on a hot Saturday or Sunday, and watching the locals do it first (Pssstt.. they know the best areas to slide down where you hopefully aren’t going to bump your butt too badly)





Don’t let the name deceive you – Old Pinawa Dam is NOT in Pinawa. It’s actually in the RM of Lac du Bonnet and is located on Provincial Rd 520 (it’s a gravel road) about halfway between 313 and 211. Since it is a Provincial Park, you will need a park pass for it.

Old Pinawa Dam

As we ask for any of the locations we feature on here, please do not litter. Take your garbage with you or put in the garbage cans. Pack out what you pack in, and leave no trace.




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