Explore: Souris

What do:

  • A swinging bridge
  • A mystical Oak tree
  • A plum museum (note: do not be fooled like us, this is in reference to the colour NOT the fruit!) and
  • A diesel locomotive simulator (there are only two of these operational machines existing in museums in Canada. The other one is in Revelstoke, B.C.)

All have in common? You can find them ALL in Souris Manitoba! Yeah, we know! We were shocked too – wild peacocks in Manitoba?! If that’s not totally awesome enough, there is also a castle, or at least a building that looks like a castle that you can even go into because it’s actually a museum.

Souris Manitoba is located about 2 and a half hours from downtown Winnipeg in the South Western area of Manitoba, out by Brandon. You can take the #1 and head south at Provincial Rd 250 South just past Brandon, or you can take the MB-2.


Once in Souris, it is pretty easy to find your way around and see most of the things that we highlighted above. If you pick up a Souris guide magazine from anywhere in town, there is a map in the centre that has locations for everything! There are lots of signs to guide you to the bridge, and the castle, err.. museum is right next to it.

The Mystical Old Oak tree is located in Victoria Park at the top of the hill (you have to go for a short hike to find it.). There is also a lookout tower at the top of the hill that has a pretty good view of the surrounding area.

The best place to look for the peacocks is at the railway museum. If it’s your lucky day and you are really polite to the lovely lady working there, you may even be allowed to play on the simulator.

Oh, there is also a really great moose statue!


There is a lot more to do and see in Souris, including some great restaurants, shops, golf course, campground, really fun looking outdoor pool with splash park, and more.

This is doable for a day trip (a long day trip!) from Winnipeg, but we’d recommend making a weekend of it and exploring a few other areas close by, including:

  • Boissevain
  • Turtle Mountain Provincial Park
  • Turtle Back Mountain hiking trail and lookout
  • International Peace Gardens

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