Hike: Turtle’s Back Hiking Trail

This 7km (return, approximately) long hike is well, well worth the amazing views from the top of the lookout tower that you hike to. This hiking trail is located in William Lake Provincial Park, which is a hidden gem in itself and has one heck of a beautiful campground.

Located right on the outskirts of Turtle Mountain Provincial Park, William Lake is less than a 3 1/2 hr drive from downtown Winnipeg in the South West corner of Manitoba. It can be reached by driving via hwy 2 or hwy 3, or is also a quick trip from the Adams Lake campground in Turtle Mountain.

*Please note that you will be driving a fair distance on gravel roads to reach this destination. Please drive with caution as there are a few areas where you can not see oncoming traffic*


We recommend doing the full trail loop in order to see all of the varied terrain – forests and hills and swamps and boardwalks and beaches and so much more. You may even see a moose or a cow or two. Allow yourself 2-3 hours, and take lots of water! Don’t forget to sign in on the logbook before you start the hike.

As we ask of anyone exploring any of the places on our blog, PLEASE pack out what you pack in and practice leave no trace. Do not litter.


Other destinations close by that we recommend exploring:




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