Explore: Steep Rock

Have you ever arrived at a new place and noticed something right away that makes you think “Wow, this place is going to be pretty darn cool!” and then the rest of the time there really exceeds all of your expectations? That is how we felt at Steep Rock.

Steep Rock is located 235km North of Winnipeg on hwy MB-6 N. It is located on the Eastern shore of Lake Manitoba. You’re going to drive past Woodlands, Warren, Lundar and Ashern to get there. You’re also going to travel past a few really big birds on the drive, so get your cameras ready if taking pics with statues of giant animals is your thing (it’s totally our thing!).

If you own a kayak or canoe or paddleboard, TAKE IT WITH YOU for this trip! If you don’t, there is a cool little place that rents them and paddleboats out, but you are forewarned that it is first come first serve there and they do not take reservations and it is also cash only.

Other things to take for your trip to Steep Rock:

  • water bottle
  • shoes you can walk in water with as it is very rocky
  • swimming suit, towel, hat etc
  • goat food

We’re semi kidding about bringing the goat food – you can buy that there from the place that you can rent kayaks and canoes from. Goat food is needed though if you go over to the island because there are goats living on the island. YES, there are GOATS living on the island AND THEY LOVE TO BE FED. We weren’t sure how you call a goat, so we had to circle around the island in our kayak to find them. We recommend doing this rather than walking around the island looking for them because in addition to the goats, there is also a lot of poison ivy.

Visiting goats on an island was a fun reason to visit Steep Rock, but the rock formations along the shore lines were an added bonus. If you go there on a beautiful sunny day (and we get lots of those in Manitoba! How lucky are we?!) it will feel like you are somewhere tropical. It’s incredible actually, we lost track of how many times we said “Wow!” and “It’s so beautiful here!”

We rented our kayak for 1/2 a day ($45). It took about an hour to get over to the island, paddle all around it, get out and explore a bit, get out again and feed the goats, and paddle back. Then we had a picnic lunch, swam a bit and set out in the kayak again to explore the shoreline. In our opinion, it was absolutely, definitely, 100% worth doing this. There are little alcoves that you can paddle up to, there are things that you can see from the water that you wouldn’t be able to see from shore and it just makes for a really great experience.

After we returned our kayak, we set out on a hike along the shoreline. The trail is well used and easy to follow. There are lots of very scenic little lookouts and lots of benches to sit on to rest or just relax and take in the views.

We did this as a day trip, but we noticed that there were cabin rentals there and also a campground that we didn’t see, but were told is located a few miles north.

We hope you have as much fun exploring Steep Rock as we did!


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