Explore: Gimli via Hwy 9

Gimli is a pretty fun destination itself, but we thought it would be a bit more fun if we timed our visit there to coincide with their annual Icelandic Festival, and took the scenic route (via Selkirk, Hwy 9 and Hwy 232) to get there.

First stop – Roxi’s by the Red in Selkirk for breakfast! Roxi’s is located at 219 Manitoba Avenue in Selkirk and we had great service and really good food. Our delicious breakfast food recommendation: Flapper Toast, which is cinnamon french toast dipped in pancake batter, fried golden brown and then covered in chunky strawberry sauce and whipped cream (because you’re going to need sustenance to carry you through this day’s busy activities 😉)

Head north out of Selkirk on 9A, which turns into Hwy 9. After about 25 minutes, you’ll see signs to Matlock. Turn off and take a look at this cute little area while you head towards the water and hwy 232, which will take you all the way to Winnipeg Beach. It’s a really scenic drive and there are lots of pretty little areas to stop and stretch your legs if you like.

When you arrive in Winnipeg Beach, we definitely recommend getting out and stretching your legs and going for a walk along the beach or along the streets to check out the shops & restaurants. It’s easy to hop right back onto Hwy 9 after you’re done, and from there it’s only 15 mins to Gimli.

There are lots of things to do and see in Gimli, including:

  • the Lake Winnipeg Visitor Centre
  • the New Iceland Heritage Museum
  • Visit the racetrack
  • the Gimli Seawall Gallery (murals painted along the seawall)
  • walk the seawall
  • walk along the beach
  • drink from the Famous Gimli Pure Artesian water well
  • get your picture taken with a giant viking statue
  • eat fish and chips (or burgers or….? There are lots of really great restaurants there!)
  • Time your trip to coincide with the August long weekend and you’ll get an extra special treat – the Icelandic Festival!


Whether Gimli is your day’s destination, or a stop on the way to Hecla Island, it won’t disappoint!

Bonus info! “Did you know?”

On July 23, 1983, Air Canada Flight 143 ran out of fuel en route to Edmonton and made an emergency landing in Gimli, becoming known as the Gimli Glider. You can read all about this incredible story here: https://www.damninteresting.com/the-gimli-glider/



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