Explore: Beausejour

Beausejour, a small town located an hour North East of Winnipeg, MB. Although it is small, it does have quite a bit to offer! If you’re on way to Lac Du Bonnet, or Pinawa make sure to stop in!btown.PNG

There’s a wide variety of restaurants you can choose from to grab some grub..

  • Fanny’s Chinese Garden (Chinese)
  • Howland Hotel (Pizza, etc.)
  • Airliner Drive-In (unique burgers, wraps, and more)
  • Big Fella’s (Chili, Burgers, fries and more)
  • Tim Hortons (Coffee, Donuts, and more)
  • Dairy Bar (Food and Ice cream – Seasonal)
  • La Beau Café (Fudge, and homemade warm ups)
  • Sizzling Pot (Wide variety of made from scratch foods)
  • Vickies Snack Bar (Burgers, homemade fries and more)
  • Chicken Delight (Chicken, Pizza, etc.)
  • Lee’s Village (Chinese Buffet)

If you were lucky enough to visit during the summer of 2017 for Canada 150 the town put up 128 flags of remembrance. 1 flag for every 1,000 people whom we have lost while fighting for our country. Each flag pole had a maple leaf attached containing a personalized note to thank a specific person or group of people, or a quote for those we are remembering. The flags stood tall and proud. It was quite a sight to see.


Beausejour’s Daylily garden’s is a very large garden consisting of many different style/color lily’s, and various styles and types of flowers! The garden is in full bloom right now, and is more beautiful than ever. See pictures below..


Brokenhead river is amazing for floating down and fishing off. Average float time is around two hours: drop your car off at Great woods camp ground and start at the bridge off HWY  44 East. The river is a class 5,  therefore is calm, and smaller in size; making it good for younger children (under supervision). Grab that tube and enjoy a relaxing day on the water. Please respect the private property located along the river and please note that the golf course no longer allows people to use their property for parking/exiting/entering the river and now have a dangerous area for tubers at their location on the river.

Into history? Then you NEED to visit the locations below…

Manitoba Glass works: The first glass container factory in Western Canada. Opened in 1906, and closed in 1914 due to not being able to keep up with fully automated manufactures. Concrete walls, and foundations can still be found.  Ink bottles, glass pieces and tools have been found to this day.
Pioneer Museum:  Located off the main drag of Beausejour, the Pioneer Museum if one of a kind. A recreation of a small pioneer village, it contains things like: the home of Edward Schreyer (Canada’s 22nd Governor General, whom grew up in Beausejour, MB.), a pioneer barbershop, blacksmith shop, railway station, and school. See http://www.pioneervillagemuseum.ca/  for more information.
St Mary’s Catholic Church: Take a moment to admire the beautiful paintings that were done by Leo Mol in 1951. The painting mainly consists of the Holy Trinity, and Heavenly Father accepting the sacrifices of Christ; with dove above them in the image representing the Holy Spirit.
Written by: Nicole Presley

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