Explore: Russell

We have really been finding a lot of fun in exploring some of the smaller towns in Manitoba. Russell was a great one to stay in and explore, while we also explored some of the surrounding areas!

Located on the Yellowhead Hwy (Hwy 16), approximately 352 km from downtown Winnipeg, this is a good overnight trip. With so much to see and do in the surrounding area it is well worth it!


Russell is located within close driving distance to Asessippi Provincial Park (24 mins), Asessippi Ski Area and Resort (19 mins), and is about an hour and 20 mins from Riding Mountain National Park.

Things to do in Russell:

  • visit the Arthur the Bull statue
  • Go to Connie’s Drive Inn for awesome ice cream
  • Have some fun at the Beef & Barley Festival if you happen to be there for Thanksgiving Weekend
  • Go for coffee (Bin 22 and The Tin House coffee shops)
  • Visit the War Memorial Cenotaph (constructed in 1922, this sits right in the middle of Memorial Avenue North, and we mean right in the middle )
  • Print out this Asessippi-Parkland driving tour guide and check out some really neat historical sites in the area!

Located in Inglis, just a short road trip (18 mins) from Russell, are the “Five Prairie Giants” – the Grain Elevators National Historic Site. If you have ever been at all curious about the inner workings of a Grain Elevator, we highly recommend a visit here! It’s very informative and actually pretty cool to visit. You can opt for a guided or self-guided tour.

If you haven’t been to Russell in a few years, you may notice something missing – the iconic arches that used to grace the main street. These were taken down last year, but we did hear that they are planning on replacing them! We’re excited to see what the new versions will look like!

BONUS trip (this one takes you out of province to…Saskatchewan (SORRY!!!)… but it’s pretty neat-o)

In Langenburg Saskatchewan, which is located 32 km (20 mins) West of Russell on hwy 16, you will find Goliath – the World’s Largest Swing. Goliath stands over 33 feet 1 inch tall and 25 feet wide at the base. Over two tons of steel went into the construction of Goliath. The swing pivots are 2 Chevy car differentials, the seats are from old horse drawn farm equipment and Goliath can rise to 25 feet tall (which sadly we were unable to do because it is currently bolted together to prevent swinging on it. You CAN sit on it though, and use your imagination. Also, there is a really cute little painted volkswagon bug next to it full of flowers.



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