Play: Go Fishing at the Lac du Bonnet ponds

Located on PTH 11, 1 mile North of the junction of PR 313 in Lac du Bonnet, the Lac du Bonnet Wildlife Association Ponds are beautiful ponds that are perfect for spending a morning or afternoon fishing at.


Stocked with brown trout, tiger trout and rainbow trout, “catch and release” is fully encouraged at this location. (Also, please do not leave garbage – we encourage practicing “leave no trace” – pack out what you pack in and for extra bonus “You’re super awesome and amazing!” points, pack out some extra garbage too)

There is a large parking lot, several docks, and nice little areas nestled in among the bulrushes that are perfect for fishing and also provide some privacy.

If you continue along the trail to the right of the parking lot, it will take you on a little 1.2 km nature walk where you may see deer, otter, birds, etc. Keep following it around until you get to the large flat rocks – perfect for suntanning or picnicking. The flat rocks that you are standing on there are actually Precambrian shield rock more than 2 billion years old, some of the oldest rock on the planet.

Looking for other things to do in the Lac du Bonnet area?

  • Go for a hike at Blueberry Rock
  • Hike a section of the Trans-Canada Trail
  • Go for a swim at the Town of Lac du Bonnet beach/public dock
  • Take a drive to Old Pinawa Dam (actually located in the RM of Lac du Bonnet, half way to Pinawa on Provincial Rd 520)
  • Go tubing in Pinawa
  • Go golfing at Granite Hills Golf Course or the Pinawa Golf Course 
  • Go for ice cream at DE’s family grill and dairy bar (formerly known as Christy’s)
  • Check out some of the local stores and restaurants that Lac du Bonnet has to offer, and enjoy your time visiting this beautiful little area of Manitoba!

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