Bannock Point Petroforms

Whiteshell Provincial Park

A spiritual, educational, and beautiful place. The Bannock Point Petroforms are located just off Provincial Rd 307. A 1 hour and 40-minute drive from the heart of Winnipeg, Manitoba. (See address below)


What is a Petroform you ask?

Petroforms are “forms” made from Indigenous people, by the placement of rocks and boulders. Such forms most often resembe the shapes of humans, snakes, turtles, horses, etc. For the purpose of passing along knowledge, wisdom and to remember stories and legends. The larger the rock, the more important the lesson/story is.


The “trail” is mostly an open rocky area, with some tree and shrubbery. The walk is roughly 2 km. Remember when visiting, that this is an sacred area. Please do not touch or move any of the rock formations.

When visiting it is recommended you bring an offering, usually consisting of tobacco or cloth. The tobacco can be left on the ground around or on top of a Petroform, and the cloth can be tied up in a surrounding tree.

As you head into the site there will be two essential areas, the first entry area is a large rock bottom and looks quite empty, there will be a large rock with offerings placed on the top. You may place your offerings here if you wish, or if you’d like to hold on there is another spot further into the hike (this tends to be the more popular one). To reach the send/main area keep walking about 2 minutes. You will start to notice the rocks laid out, and meticulously placed to form all kinds of different animals and figures! A light moss has grown over top most of the forms, preserving them in their places. Many First Nations people strongly believe that the forms were placed to provide emotional, physical and spiritual healing and education to all who visit the site.


Guided tours of the Bannock Point Petroforms are available and will offer insight and knowledge of the Petroforms and their importance.  Tours are 1.5 hours long and free of charge.  For more information please contact: Whiteshell Park Interpreter: 204-369-3157

This spot is all ages friendly!


Bannock Point Petroforms


Division No. 1

Unorganized, MB


*Please respect this place as you would your church, synagogue, mosque or other place of worship.


Written by: Nicole Presley


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