Explore: Nutimik Lake

The drive alone to Nutimik Lake is worth the trip. Beautiful scenery, winding roads, lakeside access spots and plenty of beaches, rest areas and fun shops and stops along the way.

Located about an hour and 40 minutes from downtown Winnipeg, you’re going to go through Beausejour and Seven Sisters (Jennifer’s Picnic may be open depending on what time of year you make the trip – stop in for frog legs or a camel kebab!) on the trip. Alternatively you can take Hwy 15 straight out to Elma, cut up to hwy 44 in Whitemouth and out to Brereton Lake on 307 and up to Nutimik that way – it’s a little longer but also very scenic.
Nutimik map

If you’re planning on spending a weekend in the area, or even making it an overnight trip, there are plenty of places to camp at or places to stay in the area:

And many more!

One of the main attractions for hiking at Nutimik is the suspension bridge. It’s large and it’s sturdy and finding it is easy thanks to lots of signage. Follow the signs to Nutimik Lake campground. When you reach the campground office, you will see a sign for the bridge straight ahead, and another one at the entrance to the trail.

The trail is well maintained, wide and easy to walk, hike, or bike on (we even saw a person with a baby stroller). Once you cross over the bridge, you have your choice of heading left to Sturgeon Falls (1.9km), or right to Pine Point Trailhead (8.7km)

Sturgeon Falls are low lying rapids, and were a lot wider than we were expecting. We saw lots of kayaks, hikers and people fishing in the area.

Once you have completed your hike here and are back at your vehicle, continue heading through the campground to the public beach/ boating access area. Here you will find a wonderful beach area and another hiking trail that leads up to some large rocks that people jump from into the water. This trail is a lot narrower and we definitely would not recommend trying to push a baby stroller on it! The view from the top of the rocky area is beautiful though.

Campsites near the beach area:

Also located close by are the Bannock Point Petroforms and the Pine Point Self-Guiding Trail.

If you visit this location or any of the locations we write about on our blog, please practice “leave no trace” and carry out what you carry in. For extra “You are totally amazing and awesome” bonus points, pack out some other garbage that you may find along the trail. Happy exploring!


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