Explore: Virden area

Virden Manitoba, located about 3 hours west of Winnipeg on the Trans Canada hwy #1 is an easy destination to get to if you’re looking for a weekend break from the city.


One of the first things that we noticed when exploring downtown Virden was the really cool architecture and beautiful old buildings. There’s also an old train station that was built in 1900, restored in 1994 and is now home to several community organizations. Next to the train station is an underground pedestrian tunnel. There are several parks in Virden as well – including Victoria Park and Centennial Park. Virden has some amazing photo opportunities!

A beautiful little area called Eternal Springs is located about 24 km outside of Virden and contains a 66ft swinging bridge, two small stocked trout ponds, hiking trails, BBQ pits, picnic areas, a wooden staircase up to the top of the hill and more. It was truly one of the best little hidden gems we have found so far, and hidden it is – you will need to write down the directions or use google maps to find it (my iphone map app couldn’t locate it). Some fun photo opportunities in this location too!


If you’re in the mood for ice cream while you’re in Virden, you are IN LUCK because Virden has an awesome ice cream place called Ice Cream Island which has an extensive list of choices of delicious cold treats. Ice Cream Island also has burgers, hot dogs and a variety of deep fried treats (including deep fried broccoli! Owners of this place – if you’re reading this can you please tell us how that random item made it into your menu? I mean.. how does broccoli even end up in an establishment that serves ice cream and burgers?? Inquiring minds need to know) Please note that they close for the season on October 1st. We’re not sure if that is weather related or if that’s when broccoli season ends, but if you want to check them out make sure you do so before then.

Bonus adventure time!

For only the second time on our blog, we are going to mention the “S” word but we only do so when crossing across the border into Saskatchewan is totally and completely worth it and this one is.

Located in Maryfield Saskatchewan is the Arlington Hotel, and located in the Arlington Hotel is a steak pit. It was actually Canada’s very first steak pit according to their website. This is where you get to cook your own steak on an indoor pit. The steaks are cut and vacuum sealed every day and you get to choose your own steak from a variety of choices and sizes. With your steak you also get a baked potato (seriously perfectly cooked), salad, and a piece of garlic bread that you can toast yourself on the pit. If you’d prefer, chicken is an alternative choice, along with shrimp and/or shish kebabs. The little town of Maryfield is SUPER cute too.





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