Play: Bridgehill Pottery Workshop

We stumbled across this fantastic pottery workshop place while looking for things to do en route to a trip across the border. Tucked away in the countryside in Woodmore Manitoba (approximately 1 hr south of Winnipeg just off #59 hwy), Bridgehill Pottery offers very affordable pottery classes, suitable for any level of learning. Workshop sessions are scheduled by mutual agreement with the owner Joanne.

For our first visit, we wanted to try out the wheel and play around and have some fun. Our visit exceeded our expectations. Joanne is an amazing (and very patient and encouraging!) teacher and we ended up making mugs (AND a bowl, a tray, and even a few Christmas ornaments!) that we could actually end up taking home after they were glazed and fired! The whole experience was fantastic and after we left we couldn’t stop talking to each other about how much fun we had.

A few weeks later I went back to glaze our pieces and then a few weeks after that, they had been fired and ready for pickup! Joanne had offered to glaze our pieces so that we didn’t have to make the trip back, so that may be an option if you are traveling a long distance to get there. If you’re able to tie the trip in with another activity (ie tubing or kayaking the Roseau River or hopping across the border to fill up on gas 😐), I do recommend doing the glazing yourself as it’s a neat experience and a way to personalize your piece even more.


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