Eat: Campfire Cooking – Planning and Packing

Our Play: Let’s Go Camping! post wouldn’t be complete without some tips and hints and menu suggestions for campfire meals. This post is all about simple meals that are easy to cook over a campfire with minimal equipment. We are talking about just packing tinfoil, a small pot or kettle to boil water with, paper plates, cutlery and food.

Menu Planning

Breakfast ideas:

– Cereal (you can still buy those little boxes that you cut open and add milk to, and we bet that will bring back a lot of memories for some of you!)
– Packages of hot oatmeal
– Omelette in a bag…with a good ziplock freezer bag, crack in an egg or two with your fixings (ham, cheese, mushrooms, cooked bacon, green onions, etc…), squish the bag to blend it all together and then boil the bag until cooked. You can eat it right out of the bag!!
– You can make toast over the grill…carefully.
– Granola (or Manitoba Made GORP!) bars and fresh fruit
– Fruit salad, bagel w/cream cheese (tip – toast bagel at home, heat up in tin foil)
– Pre-made waffles or pancakes, heated up in tinfoil over the campfire (don’t forget to pack a small container of maple syrup)
– Small containers of yogurt, with some granola and/or fresh fruit
– COFFEE TIP: spoon a couple of tbsps of coffee into the middle of a paper coffee filter and tie up with dental floss or string. Use like a tea bag to make coffee. Alternatively, buy the little fillable tea bags (can be found at places like bulk barn, davids tea or amazon).

Lunch ideas:

– Sandwiches
– Hot dogs
– Any of the breakfast type items
– Cheese and crackers
(Think a picnic or snack while exploring or at the beach)

Dinner ideas:

Tip: If you can make supper easy then you have more time to enjoy the experience.
– Pork loin (tip: slice open, stuff with lemon slices and sprinkle lemon pepper seasoning over it. Double wrap in tin foil. Cook directly on grill over campfire, turning often. These can be pre-packaged at home and frozen overnight and used as day 2 dinner)
– Skewers: make your own skewers with meat and veggies or just veggies! (tip: make sure that grill is hot before putting them on it to cook, or lay tinfoil down on grill and cook skewers on top of tinfoil).
– Slice potatoes (+/- onions and/or mushrooms), and cook in packages made out of tinfoil.
– Baked potatoes (I pre-make these at home, wrap in tinfoil and freeze and then reheat on the grill over the campfire)
– Corn on the cob (tip: wrap in wet paper towel and then in tinfoil before grilling. Open CAREFULLY after cooking!)
– Hot dogs or smokies
– Foil wrapped steak and potatoes (precooked and ready to warm up on the grill…eating like royalty!!)


– s’mores. I was never a fan of s’mores until I was introduced to ones made with celebration cookies. They are a sugar cookie topped with chocolate, so you only need to bring those, a sleeve of graham crackers and a bag of marshmallows.
– banana split in tinfoil (slice banana in half lengthwise, sprinkle chocolate or peanut butter chips over it, wrap up tinfoil and cook on grill over campfire)

Don’t forget snacks:

Trail mix, gorp bars, sunflower seeds, carrot sticks…anything you enjoy.

Other stuff:

– water jugs (water to be used for boiling for coffee/tea/hot chocolate, drinking straight, mixing with water flavourings, or used to wash any cutlery or dishes. FREEZE these and use them as ice packs in your cooler to keep it cold)
– small container of milk (if needed)
– packages of hot chocolate, tea..
– roll of tinfoil
– roll of paper towels
– knife (pack carefully or use the ones that come with a sleeve, and then still pack carefully)
– paper plates
– small pot or kettle to boil water with
– juice boxes or pop or extra water.
– cutlery
– small container of dish soap and a small bin to wash dishes in

How to pack the cooler to keep it cold for as long as possible:

Freeze as many items as you can –  the hot dogs, other meat, the water jugs, the pre-cooked baked potatoes and waffles, some freezies, some individual water bottles… and then refrigerate everything else the night before. Instead of filling your cooler with ice packs we suggest freezing 1 or 2 four liter milk jugs that have been cleaned and filled with water and using these.  They take a long time to melt and once they do melt you can enjoy an ice cold glass of water! We also suggest keeping your cooler in the vehicle or shade and cover with a towel. Make a list of everything you need to pack into the cooler, and tape it to the top of the cooler. Check off as you add it in so that nothing gets left behind and you have a “hey, where’s the hot dogs we were going to have for dinner?! Uhh ohhh” moment at the campsite.

We also use a separate cooler for drinks. In this cooler you can buy a bag of ice and you don’t have to worry about the cooler getting full of water. This also leaves more room in your main cooler and keeps those items colder because you are not in it as often to get drinks.

– Do as much of the prep work at home as possible – cut your veggies up, prep your meat (you can put marinade & meat in a ziploc bag together and freeze).
– Do NOT store any food in your tent
– Use a separate cooler for drinks, and then you can put ice in that one, and you won’t be opening up the food cooler as often which will let more warm air in and warm up your food.
– paper plates can be burned in the fire
clean up all your food garbage, and take it to the garbage bin after dinner. Wash any cutlery or cooking utensils after dinner as well

Have fun and use your imagination! Leave the broccoli at home and bring some fun food for the weekend 🙂





4 thoughts on “Eat: Campfire Cooking – Planning and Packing

    1. My awesome boyfriend and Co-blogger makes that recipe quite often when we go camping. I think it takes him about 26 seconds to prep it, and I’m not sure how long to cook it (40 mins?) but it is always one of my favorites!


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