Play: Tubing the Pinawa Channel

Update: Please visit our latest post on tubing the Pinawa channel for updated information about new and exciting tube rental opportunities etc!

This beautiful hot weather we’re getting this week is the perfect weather for tubing down your favourite river. Have you been tubing down the Pinawa Channel? It is a very scenic route and takes approximately 2 hours. You will be exiting/finishing at the suspension bridge (YES – Pinawa has a suspension bridge!), so if you’re dropping off a vehicle at the end point, please read below for instructions on how to get there.

The Pinawa Channel is easy to find (and so is Pinawa!). Take 59 North to 44 and 44 East to Hwy 11 (44 will jog down through the East side of Beausejour and then head East again by the Tim Hortons). After you turn onto hwy 11, take the turn off to Pinawa (not the one to Seven Sisters, the one after that) – Hwy 211. Follow that all the way to the very end of it, and you’ll find a parking area. (PS – did you notice the golf course? It’s gorgeous!). If you’re dropping off a vehicle at the end point (suspension bridge), just before you get into Pinawa turn left on Alice Chambers Trail (watch for cemetery sign). There will be parking across from the cemetery.

map to pin

After you get to your parking spot at the end of 211, walk straight ahead along the trail. You will be walking over the diversion dam. The view to your left will look like this:


The access point is easy, and the channel itself fun to tube down. Please do not throw litter or empties into the water, and take out anything that you bring with you! We urge all of our readers to practice “leave no trace”, and pack out what you pack in.

What you may see:

  • deer
  • turtles
  • otters
  • birds
  • other people tubing, canoeing, kayaking, etc
  • When you see the suspension bridge, it’s time to exit the water! To your left just BEFORE the bridge, there is a landing area!

No tubes? No worries! Get hold of Wilderness Edge Resort in Pinawa. They rent out tubes, zodiacs etc for a very reasonable price and will even drive you to the channel and pick you up at the suspension bridge (it’s pretty awesome actually, you don’t even need to be staying there!)

Where to grab some grub:

  • Pinawa Golf Course
  • THE BURGER BOAT! (Yes, we’re yelling that because buying a burger off a boat is seriously fun and they also have milkshakes and ice cream that is also delicious).



Have fun and stay safe exploring the beautiful little town of Pinawa! If you plan on spending a full day there, there are lots of hiking and walking trails, the suspension bridge, a golf course, a giant sundial, and lots and lots of deer, birds and other wildlife!